Resources and Links

Below are links to articles, websites, and videos that provide important information. 


"Immigrants Closely Tied To Military Get Reprieve", The New York Times,  November 15, 2013.Article here.


"Welcoming Communities: Bridging Cultures in Rural Oregon". A film produced by Rural Organizing Project highlights the activities of UNIDOS and the welcoming groups in two other communities. Watch it here.

"March for One Oregon", documentary (2013).  An immigrant rights bus tour that took place March 5-9, 2013. The tour was a partnership between the Rural Organizing Project, CAUSA, United Farm Workers, the PCUN migrant farm worker union, and other local organizations to advocate for a comprehensive immigration reform. Watch it here.

"What part of legal immigration can't you understand?" Here's a great visual of the process for legal immigration to show that people can't just "get in the back of the line like everybody else". Legal immigration is a lot harder than it sounds. Click here for the visual.


"Gov. John Kitzhaber signs tuition equity bill", The Oregonian, April 2nd, 2013: Twenty-eight of the thirty-five students without documents who applied to the Oregon state university system under the new tuition equity program (in-state tuition, but no public or private financial aid) were accepted. Twenty-five have been able to attend during this fall term. Although in-state tuition is a step in the right direction, the cost of tuition is still very expensive for many undocumented students. Read the article here.

For information about immigration, please visit: 

Fair Immigration Reform Movement (FIRM)

National Immigration Law Center

Center for Community Change

Rights Working Group

National Immigration Forum

New American Opportunity Campaign

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