Vision, Mission, and Values


We envision just, equitable, and thriving communities in Yamhill County where the contributions and cultures of all residents are valued, honored, and respected.


  • To promote the integration, participation, representation, and success of Latinx individuals and families in Yamhill County
  • To build bridges of understanding and support among Latinx and non-Latinx.

The work of Unidos is accomplished through education, policy and community advocacy, immigration support, and leadership development in an environment where collaboration and relationship-building is essential.


Inclusiveness.  We are a welcoming and intentional community with a foundation of shared relationships and respectful communications.

Equity.  All individuals are worthy of respect and dignity. When equity is realized, our diversity becomes authentic and strengthens our communities.

Self-Determination.  The community we serve has the ability to determine their needs and direction. We open doors, create opportunities, and develop leaders so that the voices of individuals and communities are heard.

Collaboration.  Working together and establishing alliances with other organizations is core to achieving justice and equity.  

Learning.  Ongoing opportunities for growth and education of staff, volunteers, organization, and communities are essential for long-term sustainability.

Integrity.  Our mission can only be accomplished when community members trust our volunteers and staff.  To earn that trust, Unidos must act with integrity in all its interactions and be good stewards of the community’s time and resources.

Accountability.  Ongoing evaluation of ourselves and our program are vital, learning from both our mistakes and successes.

Hope.  Our vision will not be achieved quickly. However, we believe that societal change can happen. We work toward the vision while instilling hope of a better future in those with whom we work.

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