COVID-19 Resources and Services



Regional Food Banks

Fresh Farm Products for Free


Assembly of God Church

118 Maddox Ave

Thursday 3pm


Dayton Town Square Friday—summer only 4-6pm


-Department of Human Services 368 NE Norton Ln

Last Thursday of the month 2-3pm

-Mac Senior Center 2250 NE McDaniel Lane

From June to the end of September 10am-2pm

-Salvation Army

1950 SW 2nd ST.

Tuesday Wedesday Thursday 1-4pm

-Virginia Garcia Health Clinic

115 May Lane

Monday 11am-6pm


-Virginia Garcia Health Clinic

2251 E Hancock St #103

First and third Tuesdays 1-6pm


-Grand Sheramina Food Pantry

120 N. Bridge St Sheridan

Tuesday 2-4pm


Fire Station Lot on 1st Street (Across from the Post Office)

Thursday 1:00pm-2:30pm

Other Places to get Food Boxes


Isaiah 58

118 Maddox Ave 503-583-0635 Saturday 9am-12pm


Yamhill-Carlton Storehouse

500 West Main St 503-852-6434 o 503-852-6031

Wednesday 9:30am-1pm Friday 6pm-7:30pm


Dayton Food Pantry

300 Flower Lane 503-864-2474

Second and fourth Tuesdays


Promise Pantry

23330 Full Quartz Landing

503-554-9070 Sunday 1-3pm


Lafayette Community Church

288 Jefferson St

503-864-8409 Second and fourth Tuesdays 4-5pm


Grand Sheramina Food Pantry

120 North Bridge St Sheridan

503-843-3133 Tuesday 2-6pm and Thursday 11am-3pm

Do you have questions about food services ? Call the director of the Food Bank at 503-883-4170 at YCAP or Click here.


Lunches and Breakfasts

For children between 1-18 years old

McMinnville School District

Newberg School District

Dayton School District

Willamina School District

Yamhill-Carlton School District



The Salvation Army

1950 SW 2nd St. McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-1009

Schedule : Monday through Friday from 1:00am - 4:30pm

Resources: Limited assistance with utilities and medical prescriptions available.

Eligibility: Yamhill residents should call to arrange an appointment.


St. Vincent de Paul Social Services 435 SE Baker St. McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-6216

Schedule: Monday through Friday from10:00am - 1:00pm

Resources: 72 hours shutoffs or utilities service cancellations, emergency assistance with prescriptions.

Eligibility: Apply in person. You should be single, older than 55 and childless. Please bring proof of residency.


Yamhill Community Action Partnership*

1317 NE Dustin Ct. McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-0457

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 8:30am - 5:00pm

Resources: Assistance with utilities and heat, financial assistance.

Eligibility: Call to arrange an appointment

 For more information Click here. Information provided by Yamhill Community Care


Portland General Electric

We have suspended disconnections for failure to pay. If you need help paying your bill, please contact us. Together we can arrange a solution to adjust to your needs. These are some ways to proceed if you need help paying your bill:

Do you need more time to pay? You can apply for a payment extension 24 hours/7 days a week by accessing your account on line or calling our automated telephone system at the numbers given below.

Do you need more help? Call us: Our time will help you set up a payment plan. We can also put you in touch with programs for energy assistance, if necessary. Call us at 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818 Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a. m. to 7:00 p. m.

  • On line
  • Call 503-228-6322 or 800-542-8818
  • Have your PGE account number ready



Newberg Community Thrift Store

414 E. 3rd St. Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-5051

Schedule: Monday through Saturday from 11 am - 4 pm Resources: free clothing.

Eligibility: Request a coupon in the welcoming center at the 2nd Street Community Church. People who are without housing or low-income families.


North Valley Friends Church 4020 N. College St. Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-5340

Schedule: Friday and Saturday from 11 am-1 pm

Resources: free clothing Eligibility: open to the community.


St. Peters Catholic Church 2315 N. Main Street, Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-4312

Schedule: first and third Thursday from 9 am-10 am

Resources: bedding Eligibility: open to the community,


St. Vincent De Paul Social Services

435 SE Baker Street, McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-6216

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 10 am - 1 pm

Resources: coupons for clothing

Eligibility: apply for assistance in person. Bring proof of residence.


Valley Baptist Church

26931 NE McDonald Lane, McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-8924

Schedule: Thursday from 11 am-2 pm

Resources: Free clothing, shoes, books  Eligibility: open to the community


Angels Attic

435 S. Bridge Street, Sheridan, OR 97378 971-261-6969

Schedule: school year - Wednesday 1:00 pm -3:00 pm

Resources: Offers clothing and shoes (from children to adults).

Eligibility: Available for homeless students and their families.


Church of Christ

2503 Hawthorne Ave, Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-4789

Schedule: Wednesday 5 pm-6 pm Resources: free clothing for children

Eligibility: resources offered to clients of Love INC. Please call or visit to enroll.


City Outreach Ministry

1300 SE Brooks St. McMinnville, OR 97128 503-434-4392

Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 10 am-12 pm

Resources: free clothing

Eligibility: open to the community


7th Day Adventist Church

530 Edgewood Dr. Newberg, OR 97132 503-538-2622

Schedule: first & third Thursdays from12 pm-2 pm

Resources: free clothing

Eligibility: open to the community


Dundee Community Clothes Closet

1026 SW Hwy 99W, Dundee, OR 97115

Schedule: Sunday 12 pm - 3 pm

Resources: clothing $1 per piece

Eligibility: open to the community


Lydia’s Closet

1305 Goucher St., Amity, OR 97101 503-835-2551

Schedule: Monday through Saturday from 10 am - 1 pm

Resourcess: free clothing. Eligibility: open to the community

For more information Click here. Information provided by Yamhill Community Care



A Family Place Relief Nursery*

125 Cowls St. McMinnville, OR 97128 503-472-4020

Schedule: Thursday from 10 am-12 pm

Resources: diaper bank and clothing

Eligibility: open to all members of the community with no need to be enrolled in the program A Family Place.

A Family Place Nursery*

1714 Villa Rd. Newberg, OR 97132 503-472-4020

Schedule: Thursday from 10 am-12 pm Resources: diaper bank and clothing

Eligibility: open to all members of the community with no need to be enrolled in the program A Family Place

For more information Click here. Information provided by Yamhill Community Care



City of McMinnville

City of Newberg

City of Dayton

City of Carlton

City of Yamhill

City of Dundee

City of Willamina

City of Sheridan

City of Amity


Frequently Asked Questions for Immigrants and Refugees:

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and other resources about COVID-19 are available on the website of the Oregon Governor. The FAQs include information about public regulations, immigration and public safety, access to medical assistance, the 2020 Census and other topics. This page is updated when new information is available. Please, do not hesitate to contact our office for any questions. The FAQs are available in 10 different languages.

Executive Order 20-13 – This order enforces the ban on residential evictions and prohibits late fees

  • Governor Kate Brown published Executive Order 20-13, which imposes a moratorium on commercial evictions for failure to pay, in light of the impacts caused by the COVID-19 crisis on business owners. The Order also enforces Governor Brown’s previous ban on residential evictions and prohibits landlords from charging renters late fees for failure to pay rent during the moratorium.

Declaration of Governor Kate Brown about a Special Legislative Session:

  • Governor Brown’s declaration about calling a Special Legislative Session is available Here.

State Initiative to Support Small Businesses

  • The Governor announced the launch of the Coronavirus Small Business Resource Navigator to make it easy for small businesses to connect with resources for financial assistance and information necessary to ensure that their business survives the crisis of COVID-19.

The Resource Navigator includes a direct line and a website with extensive information about key programs and resources for small businesses. Please visit for details.




 Click here to file for unemployment or call the local office of WorkSource Oregon at 503-472-5118.



Trustworthy information sources :

Oregon Health Authority

Yamhill County Public Health

Center for Disease Control and Prevention


Resource for reporting violations

If your employer is staying open and does not require social distancing of 6 feet, you can inform the division of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) of Oregon:


Program for pick up and delivery of prescriptions

Following the example of several other Oregon municipalities and to promote social distancing, the City of McMinnville will begin offering a program to pick up and deliver prescriptions for the most vulnerable members of our city. The staff of the department of Code Compliance and Community Relations of the City of McMinnville will offer this service to those who are especially vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

-To participate, the person must be at least 65 years old and have a life-threatening pre-existing medical condition.

The participating pharmacies include (in McMinnville):

  • Bi-Mart (1635 SW Baker St.)
  • Safeway (2490 NE OR-99W)
  • Mac Prescription Shop (225 NE 3rd St.)
  • Virginia Garcia Wellness Center (115 NE May Ln.)

-Deliveries will only be made to private residences in McMinnville between 9am and 4pm, Monday through Friday. For safety reasons, deliveries cannot be made to retirement communities, senior centers or group homes.

-To participate, please do the following:

  • Call the team at the Code Compliance office at 503-434-7305 during normal business hours (from 8 am to 4pm Monday through Friday) to request the service.
  • Provide your name, address, telephone number and date of birth.
  • Provide the name of the pharmacy and the prescription you are ordering.
  • Contact your pharmacy and order the prescription prescribed by your doctor.
  • Please pay in advance for your prescription by telephone when you call the pharmacy.
  • Let the pharmacy know that the department of Code Compliance will pick up the prescriptions.
  • Be ready to show valid identification when the person arrives at your residence with your prescriptions. That person will confirm the delivery of the prescriptions by taking a photo of your ID in place of a signature in order to minimize person to person contact.

-Employees of the City of McMinnville who come to your door will always be in approved clothing and have identification, will use personal protection and maintain social distancing during the deliveries.

-In order for the City of McMinnville to administer this program effectively, we ask that only those who know they are vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19, by being 65 or older and having a life-threatening pre-existing medical condition, use this service.

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